Apidextra Review

What is Apidextra?

apidextra-reviews-img1Apidextra is marketed in the USA as a fat burner, metabolism booster, and appetite suppressant. It contains eight ingredients that have been proven to perform one or another of these three functions and it comes with a money back guarantee.

On the surface it seems like a winner, however are Apidextra diet pills really as good as the advertising would have you believe? Or is it one of countless slimming pills currently available which relies on combining minuscule amounts of proven ingredients in an effort to sell the brand?

Testing the claims for Apidextra diet pills

Of the eight ingredients that Apidextra contains, probably the most well known is green tea. Studies have shown that this simple ingredient is a highly effective fat burner on its own, providing enough of the supplement is taken each day. Similarly, the African Mango is also an effective fat burner, and in tests, people who took 150mg twice a day of this fruit lost over six percent of their body fat.

The problem is that to get those results a person has to consume beneficial quantities of the extract concerned. The quantities amount to around 150mg daily serving in the case of green tea, and 300mg for the African mango.

Apidextra does not list the amount of each ingredient used in each capsule – unfortunately this is a common tactic used by the supplement industry to up-sell a product by listing countless ingredients, without featuring (or listing) any beneficial amount.

The money back guarantee looks like a winner on the surface, but when we investigate a little bit more we find that to claim the guarantee the food supplement has to be returned between thirty and ninety days of the purchase.

Furthermore, the consumer must get a “Return Merchandise Authorization number” from the company before the merchandise is returned, and that number has to be sent with the package. It seems there are a few hurdles which need to be jumped over to claim the money back guarantee.

Apidextra diet pills conclusion

There is nothing wrong with Apidextra per se, but it has been over marketed, with a determination to present it as a miracle cure for obesity. To that end no fewer than eight ingredients have been crammed into each capsule.

This is clearly a publicity move, but the effect is to lessen the capacity of each ingredient to do its job. Those looking for a proven and effective amount of any of the eight weight loss ingredients featured in this product should look elsewhere.

Apidextra Alternatives

apidextra-reviews-img2Perhaps the most effective weight loss ingredient found in the Apidextra diet pills formulation is African Mango, or Irvingia Gabonensis as its more formally known.

When consumed daily, this natural ingredient has been shown to cause dramatic weight loss – around 12lbs of body fat in just 28 days.

One of the best places to buy African Mango is from the online slimming superstore – Evolution Slimming, who offer a 2400mg daily serving of African Mango for only £29.99 for a one month supply.

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