Do Biocarb tablets work?

What is BioCarb?

biocarb-review-img1Biocarb Carb Blocker is a naturally-derived product designed to help carb-lovers with weight management, as it reduces the amount of calories absorbed by the body from starchy foods such as white bread, pasta and potatoes.

How does BioCarb work?

BioCarb’s patented formula contains two key active ingredients, which together reduce the amount of calories and fat absorbed by the body, as well as suppressing your appetite by giving you a feeling of fullness.

One of these active ingredients is a new complex called Polymax, which is derived from white kidney beans and has been shown to block the amount of starchy carbohydrates metabolised by the body. It does this by reducing production of an enzyme called alpha amalyse, which is responsible for digesting starchy carbohydrates.

BioCarb also contains the active ingredient Glucomannann Konjac Root, a dietary fibre which is designed both to make you feel full, and also to reduce fat absorption.

Do BioCarb tablets actually work?

biocarb-review-img2Recent clinical studies have shown it can cut out the amount of calories absorbed from the carbs in your diet by up to 66%, or around two-thirds.

In fact, a recent article pubished by the Daily Mail, the results of this study led one reporter to question whether white kidney bean extract could be one of the best discoveries in the fight against obesity.

This weight-loss aid also comes highly recommended by Max Tomlinson, the nature doctor, and Dee Thressher, celebrity fitness expert, the manufacturer says. Another key benefit of BioCarb is that, because the pills are designed to tackle hunger as well as act on the food absorption front, the results can be both fast and dramatic.

“I’ve been taking biocarb for a month now and I can
fit into my favourite jeans again!”

Said one customer, Jayne, who left a glowing review on BioCarbs website.

BioCarb side effects

There are no known side effects to these pills, but like all weight-loss supplements they should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, the manufacturer advises. BioCarb is available over the counter, but is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Where to buy BioCarb

BioCarb is available exclusively from Chemist Direct – Buy BioCarb from Chemist Direct

BioCarb conclusion

Following good customer feedback and studies backing up the science of this product, as well as endorsements from specialists in the field, BioCarb seems like a viable way of helping weight loss.

biocarb-review-img4Its release on the market is especially lucky for would-be dieters, as it seeks to tackle weight gain from some of the most tempting foods that surround us all the time – carbohydrates!

So, if you have a busy lifestyle and find that grabbing a sandwich is often the only option, this could be one way of helping prevent your waistline from paying for that. Biocarb can be purchased online from Chemist Direct, who also offer discounts on multipack purchases.

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