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Weight Watchers Online

What is Weight Watchers Online?weight-watchers-online-review-img1

Weight Watchers Online is exactly what its name implies – it’s exactly what you’d expect to find from a fully fledged Weight Watchers program, accessible globally from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere that you have internet access.

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Tesco Diets

tesco-diets-review-img1Weight loss and overall health improvement is a lofty goal. It’s attainable, but it is difficult – no wonder so many people try and fail each year. One thing that many people are discovering is that it requires a lot of motivation to keep up the lifestyle changes to lose weight and burn fat. This is where Tesco Diets comes in.

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Dukan Diet Side Effects

What is the Dukan diet?

Since the recent media furore over the Dukan Diet, many dieters have been left wondering whether the diet is actually healthy and worth trying. To answer this we need to look at what the Dukan diet is, and how it works.

The Dukan Diet is first and foremost a protein rich diet which eliminates carbs and fats in order to put the body in to a state of Ketosis. This idea is hardly new and most people will immediately recogonise this as a variation on the once famous Atkins Diet plan.

Ketosis is where the body is forced to use its own fat reserves to provide energy, as the body’s preferred source of energy (carbohydrates) is restricted. However, the Dukan Diet goes one step further and not only limits all carbs (both good and bad) but also limits certain dairy products and healthy fats.

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