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Rasva natural fat binder – do the
cons outweigh the pros?

What is Rasva?

rasva-review-uk-img1We are told that Rasva Natural Fat Binder is certified by the European Union as a weight loss aid.

Two Rasva capsules should be taken up to three times a day before each meal to aid weight loss by preventing the body from absorbing fats.

Does Rasva Fat Binder work?

There is a major claim that this product makes which does not add up and that leads this reviewer to worry about the product in general. In the publicity the company behind Rasva Fat Binder claims that their product is European Union Certified.

Digging a little deeper and what they mean is that the capsules are covered by an EU directive which draws a distinction between drugs or medicines on the one hand and compounds which act in the body as a “mechanical barrier” on the other. Put another way, all this says is that the capsules are made under EU rules, but not that they have an EU seal of approval.

Secondly, much is made in the publicity about the clinical studies that this product has undergone, but no evidence is shown to back up the claim that these trials even happened.

Normally when a product is clinically tested the manufacturers will gloat about the number of clinicians who were involved in the trials and the laboratories where the studies were carried out, but not in this case.

All we have here is the rather bold statement that clinical studies have been carried out, with no link to those studies being provided.

Finally, we do not know exactly what the ingredients are in each capsule, nor their quantities. Reviews on Amazon list ingredients that are not found on the product website, along with warnings that this Rasva seems to work as a laxative.

Rasva Capsules Pros and Cons

It is virtually impossible to list the advantages of Rasva fat binder because the information as to its effectiveness is just not there. The cons, on the other hand, are many and numerous.

  In the first place the creditability of the publicity, with the claim that this product is EU certified, is troubling.
  To make matters worse, we have no information about any clinical studies that may have been conducted and we don’t have a full official list of the ingredients or their amounts.
  The price is another key issue here that will put many potential customers off, costing a whopping £74 for a one month supply.


rasva-review-uk-img2In our opinion there are far better supplements available which cost far less, fully publish ingredient information and that have plenty of positive feedback from users.

Perhaps one of the best diet supplements we have reviewed in recent years is Capsiplex – a 100% natural fat burner and appetite suppressant which cuts daily calorie intake and burns stored body fat.

Capsiplex sold over 50,000 bottles when it was released and was hailed as the NHS miracle diet pill by leading UK newspapers.

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Buy Proactol Plus UK

Where to Buy Proactol Plus?buy-proactol-plus-img3

If you want to purchase the popular Proactol Plus weight loss treatment, the only place that you can do so is through their official website.

You will not find this official product in stores or on third party sites. They ship their product virtually anywhere, with speedy delivery available in the UK and the US.

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Proactol Plus Reviews

does-proactol-plus-work-img1There are literally hundreds of products online that make claims about how much weight you will lose if you invest a ton of money in giving them a try.

The best thing that you can do is research – is Proactol Plus a waste of money, or does it live up to the promises that its manufacturers make?

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