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Green Coffee Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract UK

green-coffee-extract-uk-img3Green coffee is tipped to be one of this years best selling weight loss supplements thanks to its ability to burn fat and increase the metabolism, both safely and inexpensively.

What is Green Coffee?

Green coffee simply refers to regular coffee beans which have not yet been roasted to give them their usual flavour and aroma. In fact it’s a common misconception that coffee is brown in appearance, instead they look like green peanuts when freshly picked.

Scientist believe unroasted coffee beans contain high amounts of chlorogenic acid which has been shown to metabolise fat cells, and even reduce cellulite.

One recent clinical study, carried out by the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, found that 1050 mg of green coffee extract given to 16 obese volunteers over 22 weeks significantly lowered BMI, with each participant losing around 17 pounds on average. These startling results have led to a number of recently launched diet pills which take advantage of this key ingredient.


Nuratrim combines green coffee with Glucomannan, licorice extract and capsicum extract to give an all-in-one weight loss supplement, proven to gently suppress appetite while boosting the metabolism by up to 12x.

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Other green coffee extract benefits

Although the weight loss benefits of this supplement are well known, green coffee may also help protect against premature ageing – thanks to its abundance of powerful antioxidants and polyphenols.

Is Green coffee safe?

As a natural supplement it is not known to cause any negative side effects. However, those who are sensitive to caffeine should probably avoid drinking excess amounts of coffee while using this supplement. It is also not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Where to buy Green Coffee extract in the UK?green-coffee-extract-uk-img1

Although a relatively new diet supplement, there are already a number of green coffee products available.

One of the most popular is Evolution Slimming’s Green Coffee Extract, which contains 2000mg of 100% pure green coffee extract.

Currently, Evolution Slimming offer a free 7 day diet plan, 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping with every order.

Buy Green Coffee Extract from Evolution Slimming

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Lipofuze Reviews

What is lipofuze?

lipofuze-review-img1Lipofuze is the latest addition to the dieting market and claims to help those who are overweight burn fat and tone up, with little effort. Like many other pills on the market, it incorporates a multitude of commonly used natural ingredients.

While the manufacturers website does not indicate how much weight you can lose while taking Lipofuze, it does claim that you can burn fat, boost your metabolism, and tone areas of your body to “get your perfect body”.

Lipofuze ingredients

The main component of Lipofuze is Green Tea Caffeine, which makes up approximately 50% of the product. This is an ingredient that is typically used in dieting products in order to give users the feeling that they have more energy and are revitalised.

In addition to this, Green Select Physotome is used, which is simply a green tea extract, but with a higher concentration. Once again, this contributes to the feeling of energy that users get.

Irvingia Gabonesis (more commonly known as African Mango) is another ingredient used in Lipofuze. While there are some studies which show this ingredient can help metabolise fat cells, the quantity used in Lipofuze is only 150mg per serving – much less than the recommended dosage for weight loss.

Co-Enzyme Q-10 is also used, and while this is capable of altering how your body produces certain enzymes, it will not change how your body burns fat as the manufacturers claim.

Lipofuze Side effects

Although the majority of the ingredients in lipofuze are natural, they are not entirely safe for everyone to take. The heavy caffeine content is not well suited for those with both recognised and underlying heart conditions, and as such it can cause chest pains. For those who do not have such conditions, palpitations, nausea and insomnia can occur.

lipofuze-review-img2Lipofuze Conclusion

Lipofuze makes many claims with regards to weight loss and the natural ingredients it contains, none of them can be met through taking Lipofuze alone. The website appears to be poorly written, while making wild claims.

Like many other dieting aids, Lipofuze has no intrinsic capability to target fat in certain areas or to tone the body, and appears to rely heavily on caffeine as the key ingredient.

Lipofuze Alternatives

lipofuze-review-img3One of the best natural fat burners we have reviewed in recent years is Capsiplex- described by several leading UK newspapers as “the NHS wonder pill”.

Capsiplex contains an active compound found in spices known as Capsicum, and has been clinically proven to supercharge the metabolism by up to 12x the normal rate. Just one capsule of Capsiplex each day has shown to have the same effect as 30 minutes worth of swimming.

As a 100% safe and natural supplement, Capsiplex is also one of the most effective and competitively priced weight loss pills on the market today.

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Slimvox Reviews

slimvox-reviewWith the beauty industry estimated at a staggering $50 billion dollars in 2010, diet products such as Slimvox are ideally marketed with the promise of a bikini body in just 4 weeks. However, without making drastic changes to diet and exercise, can Slimvox really promise a beach-ready body in just a month?

What is Slimvox?

Not your run of the mill fat buster, Slimvox claims to be some sort of a miracle pill. Aimed at women only, it promises to burn off calories, while accentuating your figure, enhancing the bust area, as well as improving your moods and heightening sexual desire.

Is Slimvox effective?

On their very limited website, the average customer is ensured to lose 15-20lbs within 30 days, which is how long a bottle of their 90 capsules lasts. There is a 60 day money back guarantee on production of an empty bottle, however, you will not receive a refund before 30 days so you are encouraged to finish a course even if you don’t feel it is working.

The brand is allegedly manufactured by women for women, even though there is no evidence of any clinical trials taking place or when the all-purpose pill originated. You are offered reviews from happy customers, but even they seem thinly veiled.

One Slimvox consumer states “with moderate diet and exercise I lost 6lbs in the first week” which could be just due to diet and exercise not the tablet. Another says “the weight loss has not been ridiculous, but pretty steady”. There are no claims of amazing weight loss and definitely no evidence that it sculpts your figure.

Slimvox Side Effects

Slimvox claim to use only natural ingredients. There is quite a concoction of mostly plant derived components but they are not all beneficial when taken in high quantities. Ingredients such as green tea contain caffeine, which can cause insomnia and an increased heart rate.

Another ingredient Chocamine is used to stimulate the mind and body, this is a true reaction, although Chocamine also includes Phenethylamine which is used as an actual anti-depressant, seemingly extreme for a diet pill.

slimvox-review-img2Slimvox conclusion

As with many diet pills, it is often a case of buyer beware. The bikini clad model on the website ushering you into a false sense of reasoning, that you can not only lose weight but also alter your body shape, seems a little impossible.

The lack of actual quantities listed for the ingredients used, also makes it extremely difficult to judge the effectiveness or potential side effects of this product. In our opinion, there are far better choices available which offer clinical proof and a safe and effective formula.

Best rated Slimvox alternatives

One of the best natural diet pills we have reviewed in recent years is the excellent Capsiplex – a one-a-day capsule which contains the active compound found in red chilli peppers.

Capsiplex has been shown to increase the metabolism by up to 12x the normal rate, burning as many calories as an average hamburger or swimming for 30 minutes.

Capsiplex has been featured in nearly every national Newspaper in the UK and has been positively praised as the “NHS wonder pill”.

Read more about Capsiplex in our review

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