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Slimsticks Weight Loss Review

slimsticks-review-img1When you think of diet drinks or shakes, it often involves a sachet of powdered drink as a meal replacement in order to encourage dramatic weight loss.

These particular diets can be unhealthy and unsatisfying, robbing you of the pleasure of mealtimes and a balanced diet. Slimsticks have developed a powdered diet drink with a difference.

What Are Slimsticks?

From a brief glance of their website you will realise that Slimsticks are not a quick fix diet but a dietary tool to assist your dietary needs. The instant drink mix is designed to curb your appetite and promote a feeling of fullness.

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How Do Slimsticks Work?

The main ingredient is a formula called Fabuless, this is a combination of palm oil and galactolipids, which are derived from oat oil. The oil based mixture slowly passes through your intestines, helping to keep hinger at bay for longer. The effect lasts up to 8 hours, supposedly eliminating cravings for the duration.

slimsticks-review-img2Slimsticks In The Media

Slimsticks have gained a lot of press attention in recent months. The official face for the diet drink is reality star and magazine pin-up Imogen Thomas who states;

“Slimsticks has been easy to incorporate into my daily routine and since taking them my clothes are much looser on me.”

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Are There Any Slimsticks Side Effects?

With its natural ingredients, there are no reported side effects from the diet drink. Unlike other dietary supplements, it does not contain caffeine, sugar or any type of stimulants which are normally the main cause of headaches and jitters associated with some diet peoducts. As Slimsticks is a natural oil based product, it is easily digested without any unwanted effects.

  A natural product with no side effects
  Will curb your appetite, assisting your diet at a controlled rate
  Affordable price at £19.99 for a box of 30 sachets, recommended intake of 2
sachets a day for the first month, 1 sachet a day thereafter.
It may take time to see results, the Slimsticks website pledge a typical weight loss of just 1lb a week.
Commitment to a healthy diet and exercise regime is needed as Slimsticks will curb your appetite but not fight fat.
Once you become used to the benefits of feeling full for longer, it may be
difficult to stop taking it.

Slimsticks Review Conclusion
RATING : (3/5)

slimsticks-review-img4With so much choice in the dietary market, Slimsticks seem to be a unique take on slimming remedies. Rather than changing what you eat, you can still follow your normal meal plans but without the harmful snacking in between.

Their website offers recipe ideas and nutritionist advice which is useful for those looking for a little help when counting the calories.

However, clinical trials conducted by the company showed calorie consumption was reduced by just 29%, so without the addition of exercise and/or something to boost the metabolism, results are likely to be slow.

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