Capsiplex Review

Does Capsiplex really work?

does-capsiplex-really-work-img13Many people experience the effects of carrying around a few extra pounds and while we know that it is not good for our health, losing them seems like one of the hardest things to do. On paper, the solution seems to be easy.

A mixture of a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, some dedication to stick with it and a lot of willpower to resist temptation. In practise, this is a pretty tall order. Fortunately, there are products available that can help make the whole process a lot easier. One of these is Capsiplex.

What is Capsiplex?

does-capsiplex-really-work-img6Capsiplex is a revolutionary weight loss capsule that is gaining a reputation for burning extra calories and raising your metabolism.

Proven through several different clinical trials, Capsiplex has been shown to burn up to an extra 278 calories per day without any additional exercise or change in diet – with just one capsule.

In addition to its calorie burning potential, the studies concluded that Capsiplex’s main ingredient, Capsicum, has a host of other great health benefits. In the short term 278 calories may not seem to be that much, but it really does add up.

For example, 278 calories is the equivalent of going on a twenty minute jog, an hour and twenty minute walk, or eating a burger or a slice of regular pizza. Over the span of a year, if you added 278 calories to your diet every day you could end up gaining 20 pounds! Or, with Capsiplex, you could end up burning an extra 278 calories per day and losing 20 pounds.

Key benefits of using Capsiplex :

Burn an extra 278 calories per day
Made with 100% natural ingredients
No unpleasant side effects
Burn as many calories as 25 minutes of jogging
Lose weight safely with a clinically proven formula

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How does Capsiplex work?

Capsicum, the main ingredient in Capsiplex, is the component of red peppers that gives them their distinctive heat and bite. It is also has a whole host of positive health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts.

Studies have shown it can help ensure healthy blood circulation and there is ongoing research that suggests that it also has cancer-fighting properties.

Capsicum also acts as an appetite suppressant which helps in reducing your overall calorie intake. This combination of increased calorie burning and appetite suppression makes Capisiplex an outstanding weight loss tool.

Capsiplex in the media

Capsiplex is often known as THE “celebrity diet pill”, with a number of  celeb endorsements both abroad and closer to home.

Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are all said to have used the product to help them stay in shape, while page 3 glamour model Nicola Mclean and Emmerdale’s Roxanne Pallet have both appeared in British newspapers claiming Capsiplex helped them drop a stone in weight.

Capsiplex also made front page news back in July 2010 where it was praised as the “NHS Miracle Fat Pill“, leading to over 50,000 sales in its first three days after release.

Is Capsiplex safe?

Capsiplex is specially formulated with a unique coating that prevents any irritation that can be normally associated with the ingestion of peppers. This special layer ensures that Capsiplex is safe and no side effects have been reported even with long term use.

As with any supplement, it is recommended that if you have any serious pre-existing medical conditions or are on any long-term medications that you consult with your doctor before use. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take Capsiplex.

Capsiplex Conclusion
Overall Rating : 4.5/5

does-capsiplex-really-work-img6It is hard to find any other UK diet pill which has had so much exposure and positive praise than Capsiplex. In addition to clinical proof and 100% natural ingredients, Capsiplex is also sensibly priced costing only £29.99 for a one month supply.

Those looking to buy Capsiplex are advised to buy direct from the official Capsiplex website, where there are a number of money saving deals which are not available in stores.

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