Should I Eat Dairy to Lose Weight?

eat-dairy-to-los-weight-img1In the past, convention has been that if you want to lose weight, you need to avoid dairy among other things.

However, several interesting new studies (such as those by the Canadian Dairy Farmers’ Association, McMaster University, and others) have shown that dairy products may not get in the way of burning fat. Quite the contrary, these studies even suggest that dairy may be very helpful in burning fat.

The reason is in the nutrients – dairy products are rich both in calcium and protein. Both calcium and protein have been shown to be beneficial to help the body burn fat and build muscle. By building more muscle, your body will be prone to burning more calories and keeping weight off in the long run.

The main way, however, that eating dairy is going to be beneficial is if you combine it with exercise. If you are not exercising, any form of protein or nutrient can be stored in your body as fat. With exercise, however, it is actually better to eat a protein rich diet. If you are exercising or dieting without these dairy products, it is possible that most of your weight loss will be coming from loss of muscle mass.

Losing muscle mass may make you weigh less on the scales, but it is actually very unhealthy for you. When you lose weight through burning fat, you may not notice the results as fast, especially if you are replacing the fat with muscle. Over time, however, muscle will prove to be much more beneficial both to your health and to your physical appearance – both of which are probably goals you have anyway.

So next time you want to lose weight and trim up your physique, don’t feel like you have to skip out on your favorite dairy products. Enjoy them, and remind yourself that an active lifestyle is one of the most important steps to getting your body in shape.

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