Gastric band pill ingredients

What is the Gastric Band Pill?

gastric-band-pill-ingredients-img1According to the manufacturers website,  The Gastric Band Pill is a natural alternative to gastric band surgery and can help reduce the amount of food you can consume.

How does the Gastric Band Pill work?

Exactly how the pill works is not revealed on the official website, although it is clear that  the ingredients used are supposed to expand in the stomach making its capacity smaller. This process is called appetite suppression and helps you to feel full for longer.

Although appetite suppression is not new, the process of expanding inside the stomach certainly is. Usually appetite suppressants work by acting on the hypothalamus part of the brain – the area responsible for regulating hunger.

Gastric Band Pill Ingredients

gastric-band-pill-ingredients-img2The Clinico website contains many testimonials and weight loss claims, however there is very little information available on the actual ingredients used.

The only information is that the Gastric Band Pill uses herbal compounds, and even then this information is only shown in the small print.

It is a mystery why anyone would use a diet pill without knowing what it contains.

Gastric Band Pill Side Effects?

It is impossible to discuss any side effects without knowing what ingredients are being used.

Gastric Band Pill Alternatives

We all know that controlling your daily calorie intake is a good way to lose weight. However comparing a Gastric Band to an appetite suppressant is not a fair comparison.

If you are looking for a safe, proven and effective appetite suppressant you should look at Hoodia Gordonii – a natural cactus extract proven to reduce appetite and your daily calorie intake by up to 40%.

Finding genuine Hoodia pills can be difficult as the diet market is full of hundred’s of Hoodia pills, many fake or low quality.

Our top recommendation is UniqueHoodia, which has all the correct certification to prove that it is indeed a genuine and clinically proven weight loss product.

UniqueHoodia contains 100% pure Hoodia extract with no binder, fillers or preservatives.

For more information visit the UniqueHoodia website


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