Does Grenade fat burner work?

What is Grenade Fat Burner?grenade fat burner

Grenade is a new fat burner which promises to help increase performance in the gym while boosting energy levels and promoting weight loss.

With its clever use of packaging, Grenade have clearly marketed their fat burner towards men, declaring a war on fat with their “thermo detonator” grenade-shaped container.

Grenade also employ the use of a tank and a team of body-builders to help market their brand, while their official website features dog tags, military style fonts, American flags and lots of grenades. Hoorah!

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Grenade Fat Burner Ingredients

Grenade Fat Burner contains a number of key ingredients which are commonly used in other fat burning supplements, however it is the addition of bitter orange peel which raises a little cause for concern.

grenade fat burner ingredientsBitter Orange Peel contains the controversial compound synephrine – a drug which is closely related to the illegal stimulant ephedra.

A recent clinical study conducted by the Mayo Clinic (a network of 70 US hospitals) found that diet pills which contain bitter orange peel and caffeine can cause increased blood pressure, stroke and even heart attacks.

This has led to many industry experts calling for removal of this ingredient from all fat-burning supplements in the US, Canada and the EU – stating that its use is simply a legal loophole for supplement manufacturers to label their products as “ephedra free”.

Other UK/EU Grenade ingredients include -

500mg Green Tea Extract
225mg caffeine
200mg cayenne
25mg phenylalanine
10mg green coffee

US versions of the supplement also contain grapefruit seed extract, capsicum, evodiamine, yohimbine, raspberry ketones, cocoa bean, forskolin, yerba mate, and DMAE.

Grenade Fat Burner side effects

There have been a number of adverse cardiovascular side effects reported with fat burners containing bitter orange extract.

grenade fat burnerCommon side effects include feeling dizzy, increased heart rate, blurred vision and nausea.

Is the Grenade Fat Burner worth buying?
OUR RATING : (2.5/5)

Clever marketing and gimmicks aside, Grenade could help increase energy levels and may promote weight loss. However, the addition of some questionable ingredients means we find it hard to fully recommend it as a suitable dietary aid for weight loss.

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Grenade Fat Burner Alternatives

grenade fat burner alternativePerhaps one of the safest and most effective fat burners is Capsiplex – a natural supplement which is clinically proven to raise the metabolism by up to 12x and burn an extra 278 calories per day.

Capsiplex sold over 50,000 bottles in its first three days of launch, and was hailed as the “NHS miracle fat burner“. Capsiplex is free from side effects and is suitable for both men and women.

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