Natox Cream Review

What is Natox?

natox-review-img1Natox is a 100% natural botox replacement which works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting skin hydration and collagen production.

Natox has gained a huge amount of interest since its release, mainly due in part to the glowing review given by The Sun’s beauty editor Sue Moxley.

How does Natox work?

Unlike painful and expensive botox injections, Natox works by targeting nerve endings which lie deep in facial muscle tissue, bombarding them with positively charged atoms which relax the facial lines.

Natox is the first such cream which has a 6 year pharmaceutical clinical study backing up its miracolous claims of a younger looking face from the first application.

The study, carried out by Phend Pharmaceuticals found that Natox can significantly reverse facial creases, frown lines and dull looking skin after just three weeks of use, also adding better results can be achieved with prolonged use.

natox-review-img2Sue Moxley – Beauty editor for The Sun

According to Sue Moxley – the famous Sun Newspaper beauty editor (and beauty expert on the UK’s biggest parent network – Netmums), Natox gave an immediate lifting effect, reducing deep horizontal lines in her forehead and making her skin look more vibrant.

“My results are phenomenal, my skin is so tight and vibrant, I really can’t get enough of Natox”. – Sue Moxley.

Natox key benefits :

Helps to reduce blemishes and imperfections
Smoothes the skins surface
Fully hydrates the skin
Gives immediate results for younger looking skin
Increases elasticity of skin
Helps support the skins own collagen production
Reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles

Is Natox safe?

natox-review-img3According to the manufacturer (Richibrown), Natox features 100% natural and organic compounds which are suitable for all skin types. It is also free from parabens, preservatives and any added fragrances.

The product has full organic certification and has not been tested on animals.

Where to buy Natox?

While plans are in place for a number of high street stores to stock this product, Natox is currently only available to buy from the official website and Harrods of London.

Buy Natox from the official website

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