Thermotox Diet Pills

What is Thermotox?

thermotox-review-img1Thermotox is one of the latest dieting aids on the market that claims to help you lose stupendous amounts of weight in a short period of time. The manufacturers claim that it is possible to shed a pound per day on average, thanks to the formula containing no less than 40 detoxifying ingredients.

With many familiar natural weight loss ingredients including green tea, and the pro-biotic lactobacillus, Thermotox make wild claims about the capabilities of their slimming aid, but offers very little clinical research to back them up.

Thermotox ingredients

Thermotox contains key ingredients that are naturally associated with a healthier, detoxifying lifestyle, such as Acai berries and Lactobacillus.

Lactobacillus can be naturally found inside the body and is best enhanced with a diet made of pro-biotic agents; dry forms of the “good” bacteria are unlikely to be as effective as those that can be found naturally.

Acai berries may be well reputed for their detoxing capabilities across the dieting market, but clinical trials show that are high dose of at least 700mg per day is required for any benefits.


Many ingredients are only effective alongside a good diet and exercise regime, but even the strictest and most vigorous of plans would not be effective enough to burn the pound a day that Thermotox claims to burn.

Other ingredients contained within Thermotox diet pills can easily be included in your regime, without having to pay $79.99 for the pleasure of doing so. The fact there is no mention of the quantities of each ingredient used in the formula is also a major negative.


In terms of aiding in weight loss, Thermotox has made the use of ingredients that many people naturally associate with over-hyped dieting aids. Common compounds such as green tea and cayenne pepper are renowned for speeding metabolism, and while they do have very small abilities to give your metabolism a kick, they will not fire your body up enough to burn a pound a day.

thermotox-review-img1THERMOTOX RATING : (2/5 stars)

Although Thermotox diet pills are made primarily of natural ingredients, they does not appear to have the capability to burn up to a pound a day as manufacturers claim.

There are many ingredients contained within the dieting aid that are associated with detoxing and weight loss, however it is impossible to feature any beneficial amount of any one ingredient amongst 40 others in just one capsule. This is little more than a clever marketing tactic employed by those who have designed the pill.

Recommended Thermotox Alternatives

thermotox-review-img3Perhaps one of the most renowned ingredients for both detoxifying the body and increasing the metabolism is the Acai Berry.

Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz show and endorsed by millions of dieters the world over, Acai is a safe, simple and effective way to help achieve a healthier weight.

Customer feedback is exceptionally high with the average user losing around 2-3 pounds per week when used in the correct dose (typically 500-700mg) and alongside a healthy diet.

Evolution Slimming offer the only press reviewed Acai supplement which contains 700mg of 100% pure Acai per capsule and is available to buy as a “detox package” with the excellent DetoxPlus body cleanse formula.

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