Trimsecrets Review

What is Trimsecrets?trimsecrets-reviews-img1

Trimsecrets consists of a diet plan, coupled with diet pills which contain citrus, guarana, vitamins and minerals. The supplement and Trimsecrets plan was founded, and now heavily advertised, by Michelle Mone.

Michelle Mone OBE is a highly successful businesswoman, and the driving force behind the famous Ultimo bra range.

In 2006 she got into contact with Professor Jan de Vries who was known to be working on a weight loss programme.

Michelle was unhappy with her weight, and the two collaborated to design what became the Trimsecrets Five Step Slimming Plan.

Are Trimsecrets effective?

That is a very good question, but unfortunately, is hard to genuinely answer. We actually know very little about the Trimsecrets Five Step Slimming Plan.

trimsecrets-reviews-img3There have been no clinical studies carried out to back up the veracity of the claims and all we have to go on is the company’s own publicity. The tablets contain ingredients that are used in many other weight loss supplements.

However, pending some independent analysis of both the pills and plan itself, then the effectiveness or otherwise of the programme is really anybody’s guess.

Trimsecrets key benefits

The key claimed benefit is that people shed weight rapidly using this programme. Michelle Mone herself claims that she shed over five stone on the plan, and the photographs that she has on her website certainly show her before and after shape.

Trimsecrets side effects

Given the herbal formulation of the slimming pills, then side effects will be minimal or non-existent. The Trimsecrets Five Step Slimming Plan is obviously not recommended for pregnant women.

Trimsecrets conclusion

trimsecrets-reviews-img4It is great that Michelle lost all that weight using her own company’s diet plan, but it would be even greater if she would allow some independent verification of the contents of her magic pills and the plan that backs them up.

Normally a company is only to pleased to announce exactly what their pills contain, and then give us pages of data to back up their claims to the effectiveness of their product, but this is not the case with Trimsecrets.

Just finding out what is in the pills was difficult enough and only came about after this reviewer had read acres of publicity text. Not only that, but also what exactly does the five step plan consist of? Nowhere in the publicity are we actually given an answer to that rather obvious question.

To put it all in a nutshell, we are pleased about Michelle’s weight loss, but we would feel much happier if we knew exactly how it came about and if that question could be answered by some independent research.

Alternatives to Trimsecrets

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